Martin Baker

96% of all ejector seats on the planet are created by Martin Baker – a little known name in everyday life but to thousands of jet pilots a pioneer and lifesaver. In total over the companies lifetime they have saved the lives of over 7500 pilots who needed to eject safely. Projects group was commissioned by Martin Baker to produce a commemorative wall to illustrate this amazing statistic.

This impressive display required immense attention to detail to bring this super large format display to life. The Projects Group took the time to source engineering screws dating back to the 1940’s to create this substantial installation. Detail and refinement make the innovators and Martin Baker tick.

Such a display required immense attention to detail to bring this super large format print display to life. Such was the level of detail required that The Projects Group even took the time to source engineering screws dating bak to the 1940s to create this substantial installation. Detail and refinement makes the innovators and Martin Baker tick. The Projects Group knew that there could be no other approach than that to take.

Village Hotel Bristol

The iconic Village hotel brand, with its distinctive ‘V’. The projects Group have been working closely with the owners of Village Leisure Hotels for a number of years. We understand the complex model of a hospitality brand that features a gym, dining outlets and rooms. Navigating a Village Hotel space can be daunting without the correct signage.

Village needed a distinctive exterior sign, something to act as a beacon to be seen by approaching cars, a sign of respite for the weary business traveller. The large structure illuminated V sign was created in line with the brand’s srict and distinctive guidelines in mind. We worked closely with Village brand to ensure the essence of all they are comes through in all we produce. We have known what makes a Village Hotel tick for many years.

The scheme was extensive, from internal leisure club signage featuring inspirational statements on the walls to huge vinyls on the side of the building. We made the building a canvas for such an outgoing brand. You were in no doubt what was in store the moment you walked through the slick reception of a Village Hotel.

When it came to the internal navigation of the space, brand integrity and clear common sense reign true. From simple door numbers to often copious lists of locations were expertly crafted to bring the very brand essence alive in even the simplest of signs. The final result is a coherent signage scheme oozing a distinctive brand’s values.

Design Junction

Interior design is an artform very close to our hearts. So when Projects Group were commissioned by the Design Junction to produce the internal and primarily external signage for the definitive event in the UK’s interior design community.

The brief was simple. Logical, clear distinctive signposts to guide the interior’s lover to various exhibition locations across greater London. These lime yellow boxes were distinctive and eye-catching, easily distinguishable from the plethora of signage that already existed on the crowded streets of London.

All the designs were of course in keeping with the brand DNA of the Design Junction. The designs themselves combined a number of processes to provide their distinctive look and feel. From weatherproof screenprinting onto luminous lime green panels to vinyl transfers onto glass surfaces – all executed on the city streets with the minimum of fuss and disruption to the general public.

These lime green pillars were then removed post this high profile multi-site exhibition with the similar efficiency. Always remember that the takedown is just as important as the install. We knew Design Junction needed a signage proposal in keeping with its ideals. We knew what made them tick.

Cutting Edge Fabricators

Visibility for any brand is key. You just need eyes on your brand. Cutting Edge UK are a leading Corian cutting and solid surface cutting facility. it can be quite difficult to show an amazing bar structure or 3D sculpted bathtub from a van side. They needed something distinctive and professional

A simple project for the Projects Group to produce fleet graphics for this highly specialist group of fabricators. Sure, we do produce large scale projects with consummate ease however sometimes all you need is a perfectly distinctive van to sell from and promote your business. We know what make all size of businesses tick.