Chelsea FC The Shed Wall

The legendary blues and the Shed End. Originally known as the Fulham Road End, Projects Group were commissioned to create a fan centric exhibition. The brief was simple. Inspire and inform the fans (both home and away) and create a lasting space that would look good from the moment of installation for quite some time.

It had to be scaleable too. With room for more panels as the Chelsea legend grow. A gloriously English weatherproof display was created against the world famous Shed Wall, creating a custom grid of legendary player biographies, vintage never before seen footage and insightful nuggets for The pensioners – their devoted legion of fans.

Down to the detail. In terms of processes we showcase a wide mix. From lazer etching and filling to full colour screen print on textured surfaces. All the things that would make most signage companies turn and run. We embraced the challenge.

The final result is a highly professional legacy to the greats of the game. A lasting display that will grow as their own story grows. A space kept alive in the hearts and minds of all.