Design Junction

Interior design is an artform very close to our hearts. So when Projects Group were commissioned by the Design Junction to produce the internal and primarily external signage for the definitive event in the UK’s interior design community.

The brief was simple. Logical, clear distinctive signposts to guide the interior’s lover to various exhibition locations across greater London. These lime yellow boxes were distinctive and eye-catching, easily distinguishable from the plethora of signage that already existed on the crowded streets of London.

All the designs were of course in keeping with the brand DNA of the Design Junction. The designs themselves combined a number of processes to provide their distinctive look and feel. From weatherproof screenprinting onto luminous lime green panels to vinyl transfers onto glass surfaces – all executed on the city streets with the minimum of fuss and disruption to the general public.

These lime green pillars were then removed post this high profile multi-site exhibition with the similar efficiency. Always remember that the takedown is just as important as the install. We knew Design Junction needed a signage proposal in keeping with its ideals. We knew what made them tick.