Martin Baker

96% of all ejector seats on the planet are created by Martin Baker – a little known name in everyday life but to thousands of jet pilots a pioneer and lifesaver. In total over the companies lifetime they have saved the lives of over 7500 pilots who needed to eject safely. Projects group was commissioned by Martin Baker to produce a commemorative wall to illustrate this amazing statistic.

We know what makes Martin Baker tick. So the Projects group produce a 33 metre wall featuring a highly detailed timeline of the evolution of their lifesaving innovation. To commemorate the 7500 lives saved we included portraits of each and every person saved at various iterations of their world- famous ejector seats.

Such a display required immense attention to detail to bring this super large format print display to life. Such was the level of detail required that The Projects Group even took the time to source engineering screws dating bak to the 1940s to create this substantial installation. Detail and refinement makes the innovators and Martin Baker tick. The Projects Group knew that there could be no other approach than that to take.