We manufactured Samsung’s first fully manned shop at one of Curry’s stores.

One supplier, the complete fabrication and installation in 4 weeks

We were challenged with building a complete premium kitchen that would showcase the connected kitchen brand, be completely interactive and last the test of time. Incorporating staron, veneered timber, LED illumination and acrylic elements we manufactured all the components in house to provide a quick delivery, plug and play installation.

On time every time 

We were approached by Samsung’s agency to produce a large display for all their UK department stores in 10 days. We managed to achieve a tight deadline to the highest standard incorporating an aluminium structure with pre-powder coated trays and brushed stainless steel.

Want it quick 

Samsung required a premium solution to display their new top of the range washing machines in department stores. We manufactured 30 units incorporating Samsung owned staron, fret cut illuminated logo’s, stainless steel and an integrated monitor.

Stand out from the retail crowd